About Us

We’d like to introduce you to Staff Onboard.
 Meet Deanna E. Cooper, PhD

Deanna is the leader of Staff Onboard.  She has a PhD in Adult Education and over 25 years of staff development experience. 


Staff Onboard is her vision for business success through a carefully crafted new hire process. Deanna has seen the time and effort that employers, passionate about their businesses, invest to find the right employee for their organization. 


Her passion is to develop the right onboarding program to ensure that effort is not wasted.  Passionate about your company's mission and values? Growing fast and no time to put together a training department or onboarding program? Deanna's passion is ensuring that your company's mission and values are shared by your staff and exemplified in their work.

 Meet Staff Onboard

Staff Onboard can develop your new hire training program without requiring you to hire any onboarding staff.  At Staff Onboard, we recognize that growing companies have a lot invested in their image and reputations.  It is essential for you bring on board new staff who know how to support your company's values and practices.  We provide a cost efficient onboarding plan and editable materials for you to onboard your own staff. 


Let us help you support your business dream.  

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