Kool Aid

Most of us come into to our new jobs with hope. We think that this could be the job. This time, I'll be one of "those people" who are always enthusing about how much she loves her job. We sat through our interviews and listened to the interviewer thinking, "Is this me?" and "Will I be happy here?" Then you decide that yes this is it or this is better than where I am at now and you take the leap.

Where does it go wrong?

In order for the good hires to last, they have to drink the Kool Aid. That is to say, they have to buy into to the organization, not parts of the organization like the generous time off policies or the work from home option, but the whole enchilada. Here is the difference. When there are positive aspects to the job you mentally contrast them with the unpleasant aspects of the job. This does not foster the "I love my job" feeling nor does it foster longevity. When you drink the Kool Aid you love the job in this case the job is one thing and you love it. Here is the difference in pictures.

Here is a cat. I like her colors and her independence. I loathe litter boxes and being woken up at the crack of dawn with a cat on my face. (Clearly, I'm not a cat person. I like cats well enough but I'm not all in.)

This is Winston. He is the best dog in the whole world. (Yes, his beard is a gross food nightmare, he wakes me up at the crack of dawn by heavily sighing outside my bedroom door, he hates dogs, etc.) He's the best dog in the whole world. See the difference? When it comes to Winston, I drank the Kool Aid. Anything at all negative that can be associated with Winston is irrelevant because I'm all in.

When a new hire starts they have the glass of Kool Aid in their hand. You gave them the glass during the hiring process. They may sip it, they may gulp it, or they may just taste it and set it aside. If they set it aside, you are going to lose a good person. A person that you took the time to recruit, hire, and get excited about. (Yes, you have to be excited about your new hire. Really.) This blog is about getting them to pick up the glass of Kool Aid and getting them to drink. If they don't drink, you will lose a good person. Through this blog I'll tell you what things employers do to lose good people and provide some insight on what to do to keep them.

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